About e-COA

The vision of e-COA is to achieve a simplified, responsive, effective and transparent working of the organization. It automates the various office processes within the organization and brings together the independent functions and systems under a single framework. The Portal has an electronic file management system that guides the workflow base system so that organization can reduce the manual work and automate the process. The system adopts a dynamic workflow at multilevel so that user can share and retrieve. The users can create, share and retrieve the document and also create manage electronic documents/ file which can be viewed, searched and shared, depending upon the privileges users and assigned. The system will give the output of electronic /physical file receipts, dispatch, and other miscellaneous reports for various requirements of the organization.

e-COA includes following modules - Task Management, e Communication, Digital Office, Employee Management, Alerts and Notifications, Dak Management, File Management System. These are aimed at providing following benefits:

  • Enhance transparency – files can be tracked, and their status is known to all concerned at all times
  • Increase accountability – the responsibility of quality and speed of decision making is easier to monitor.
  • Transform the work culture and ethics.
  • Promote greater collaboration in the workplace and effective knowledge management.

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